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Animal Track Designs

Lupine Note Cards

Lupine Note Cards

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Lupine Animal Track Notes

Inspired by the Lupine Festival up in Sugar Hill, NH.

These beautiful flowers are seen up and down northern parts of the country. People travel to take pictures of this wild flower.

Lupine image created from bear, deer, moose, turkey, coyote tracks. All Note cards measure 4.25"x5.5" when folded with blank envelopes. Track key is printed on back of card for track identification.  

Perfect for anyone who loves wild animals, tracking, hunting. Made in New Hampshire, USA. Each card is printed with high-quality digital printers for a lasting impression. Make a statement with these thought-provoking cards. Show your gratitude in a unique and heartfelt way with these meaningful designs that capture the beauty of the outdoors and will remind your loved ones of the power of nature.


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