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Wild animal tracks are the foundation of this unique art.

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Established in New Hampshire, USA

Animal Track Designs is a unique art business founded by Jill Mahan in Belmont, NH. The distinctive feature of this business is that all the artwork is created using wild animal tracks, including those of deer, bear, moose, turkey, and coyote. Jill Mahan skillfully combines these animal tracks to form various images, with the most popular designs featuring flowers like Lupine and Sunflower.

The creativity behind Animal Track Designs lies in the innovative use of natural elements to craft visually appealing and captivating artwork. Each piece reflects the artist's talent in transforming ordinary animal tracks into intricate and beautiful compositions. The business is known for its ever-expanding range of designs, ensuring a diverse collection that continues to captivate and bring smiles to its audience.

Jill Mahan's dedication to her craft is evident in the unique idea of using animal tracks as the primary medium for her artwork. This approach not only sets Animal Track Designs apart from traditional art forms but also adds a special touch to each creation. The business successfully combines nature, creativity, and artistic expression to offer customers a one-of-a-kind experience with handmade, wildlife-inspired artwork.

Inspired by The Woods of NH • Art Created with Wild Animal Tracks

Christmas Collection

This collection is always special to me. The Wreath image was the...