Story Behind the Animal Track Designs

How Jill Came Up with Animal Tracks

Her boyfriend Dick was a big hunter, and if she wanted to see him in the fall, she had to get out into the woods. Jill noticed the tracks on the ground and how they created a story of where each animal had been and where they went. She took this idea and created her first Animal Track image of a Christmas wreath. Jill learned so very much from Dick, including identifying animal tracks, and understanding wild animal behavior. This gave her the opportunity to just sit out in the woods contemplating life. These designs are dedicated to Dick since passing from cancer in 2016. Her time in the woods, with Dick, she discovered how relaxing and grounding the woods can be. Many life lessons can be learned by watching and tracking animals.

Jill Mahan has always been passionate about art and graphic design. She favored art classes and creating craft projects. As a freshman in high school, she was awarded the Silver Key for the Boston Globe Art Contest. She pursued a higher education at NHCTC-Laconia. There she was awarded the H. James Tyler Award For Printing Excellence - second place. After graduating with her associates in Graphic Design, she entered the workforce in NH as a graphic designer in a print shop. While working, she went to Plymouth State University to gain her BA in Art and Graphic Design and graduated Cum Laude. Upon graduating, she returned to full time graphic design. She creates logos, business cards, brochures, magazines and pretty much anything printed.  Most recently she graduated with an Associates in Business Management and an Associates in Accounting in 2017 from Lakes Region Community College.



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Love these cards!

Quick response and delivery. I have received many compliments about this card. Perfect for nature lovers.

Great cards

So creative, cute and locally made

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Heather Kasper

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Love the blue heart!

I am never disappointed with my animal tracks cards - I am happy they are so readily available!


Hi Jill,
I met you in my village of Sugar Hill New Hampshire during one of our festivals. I fell in love with your cards at that time. I have since moved back to Colorado and am so happy I can still get your cards :) Everyone I have sent a thank you card to is absolutely crazy about the animal track designs. I will continue to spread these wonderful cards to people who in turn will do the same. The animal hospital where I work will be getting them to send out to our customers - my boss was very excited when she saw my animal track design cards. Thank you for doing what you do!

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Charlene Houle

These cards are not only beautiful but amazing & just soo much fun !! We bought these @ the school Christmas Fair & we buy them every Christmas except this last Christmas 💔 soo glad I found the website I’m thrilled 🎉🎉 I can purchase more ❤️ !!

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RitaFaith MacRae
Cozy and loved!

I received my sweatshirt in swift time and love how cozy and loved so feel wearing it! Great design! Great work. Thanks